Tuesday, May 17, 2011

16 weeks 6 days...where did the time go?

I have no idea where all the time has gone, but I woke up one day and realized that I was 16 weeks! I guess I am so busy trying to survive morning sickness as well as work a 50-60 hour week that I just don't realize how much time has passed.

I had my 16 week appointment last Wednesday. I did the usual pee in the cup, step on the scale, and blood pressure taken. All was good. The doctor found the baby's heartbeat...it was in the 140s. All is looking good.

I asked about hubby's blood work. About a month before, he went and got his blood drawn so that it could be typed. Since I am B negative, we need to know what his blood type is to determine if I need to get a shot at 24 weeks and at the birth. Apparently, the lab did the WRONG blood test, so he has to go and get the blood work done again! (Needless to say, he is none to pleased at the prospect, but he'll do whatever he has to for me and the baby.) Apparently the lab checked his red and white blood cell count instead of actually typing his blood.

Additionally, hubby has gone off the Hcg shots (with the permission of his doctor.) He is going through MAJOR withdrawal symptoms right now including dizziness, migraines, and irritability. You can tell he just feels like poop. I truly wish that there was something I could do to make him feel better. (Although he says the same to me when I am puking in the mornings.) The doctor is having him go for blood draws 1x month for the next few months to see what his body does on its own. And if (and when) hubby begins to feel tired again, then he is to call and the doctor will put him on a low dose of androgel to help him maintain a healthy testosterone level. Hopefully hubby will be through the worst of it soon. As he says, it was worth it to be on that medication because now we're having a baby!

I am still experiencing morning sickness although it is not every day anymore. Sometimes I wonder if I am going to have morning sickness through the whole pregnancy (like my grandmother.) Even if I do, it will be totally worth it if this baby comes out healthy. This morning was pretty rough. I will spare you the details, but it involved lots of vomit and a nose bleed.

It's starting to be uncomfortable when I sleep now. I wake up multiple times a night to switch positions. My arms and legs sometimes feel a bit restless as well. Sleeping on my tummy and back aren't really an option anymore...it hurts too much. I just sleep on my side now.

I had a lot of cramping yesterday, but it seemed to go away. I read that the baby is hitting a growth spurt right now...I think all the cramping was everything growing to make some room for the baby! I read that this coming week the baby will be 5 inches long and weight 5 ozs (the same as a turnip.) It is so hard to believe that our little speck has turned into a 5 inch long baby!

I cannot wait until our next ultrasound. I have it at 20 weeks exactly (June 8th.) Hubby is able to come with me to this one. I cannot wait to see how big the baby is now and what the baby is capable of doing (ie sucking its thumb, making facial gestures, etc.)I love watching the baby move! I also just need the reassurance that the baby is growing well in there. This morning sickness has made it hard to eat anything all that healthy. I try to when I can, but on the days when I am really sick, I am just happy to get anything down at all. Even though I am almost 17 weeks, my weight is still only up 3 lbs. I know its okay and that I will gain it through the rest of the second and third trimesters but I still worry that the baby isn't getting everything it needs.

We're still on Team Green, so we don't plan on finding out the sex at the 20 week ultrasound (much to the dismay of our family and friends). We're just hoping that the baby isn't an exhibitionist. We don't want to accidentally find out. In my purely evil mind, I have thought about sending out an email after our ultrasound with the subject of "We're having a..." with the text continuing on to say "a healthy baby!" with a picture or two from the ultrasound. I know a couple people who would be so excited when they see that subject...it's evil I know, but sometimes it is fun to just mess with people!

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